So, I presume you want to get laid tonight. There are a multitude of different ways to achieve this. The easiest and most straightforward way would be to join a dating site. Online dating sites, especially ones that focus on swinging, are a sure way to get laid tonight. I would want to tell you to get up off your ass, but to get laid tonight you will need to stay sitting down in this case! There are loads of dating sites on the internet, all trying to get you to sign up and hopefully get you laid. But picking one out and eventually compiling an interesting and appealing profile can be a daunting task for most people, especially ones that are not so tech-savvy or extrovert.
To get laid tonight you will have to put some pride aside and accept that you will be putting yourself up ‘for sale’ on the internet. People judge books by their cover on the internet. And even if your ‘storyline and character depth’  is mediocre and semi-boring; the cover of your book can be arranged to be very appealing, sexy and hot thus hopefully getting you laid, tonight!
Some general things to take into account when trying to get laid on the internet, especially if you are desperate and need to get it done tonight :
  • Always arrange to meet in a public, safe place first. If you are receiving the other person at your house, meet at your local coffee place first to see if they are a psycho or not. Sometimes you might not want to get laid at all anymore!
  • Make sure you have a sufficient supply of condoms, you want to get laid tonight, not get an sexually transmitted disease tonight.
  • Choose your profile picture wisely. Your profile picture speaks a million words, without a good one, no one will click on your profile thus not enabling you to get laid.
  • Don’t drink too much! A little alcohol can loosen things up and get the sexual chemistry started. Too much and talking will become near-impossible as well as maintaining your erection.
  • Don’t talk to much about yourself. Everyone likes to brag about themselves, you end up severely reducing your chances of getting laid this way…

By now you are probably ready to hit the streets and get some action! But where are you going to go tonight to get laid ? Your mission is simple, get laid or die trying!
There are a multitude of different places to meet hot, young and single girls ready for some sexy-time. Here we will some up some of your best-bet options :

  • College bars are a good place for hooking up and landing a date for the night. Girls there are usually drunk and trying to conform to college standards by having sex with as many guys as possible.
  • Nightclubs and raves are also a good place for getting laid tonight. The music is often too loud to communicate, but that shouldn’t matter.
  • You can also aimlessly walk around town at bar/nightclub closing time. There will be plenty of women spilling onto the streets. Spot the desperate drunk ones and you should be in for instant success. And by instant success I mean getting laid, not tomorrow, but tonight!
  • Shopping malls are an excellent place for meeting women. Most females will have their guard down and can be approached easily. If you want to get laid by a cougar/milf tonight, this is the place to be!
  • Want to get laid tonight by the quit and intellectual type of girl? Head over to your local bookstore. A book is a great conversation starter, especially if you actually know what you’re talking about. Don’t bullshit too much, you will get caught and go home empty handed without getting laid tonight.
The 100% get laid tonight method is still probably to visit a ‘lady of the night’ (also known as a prostitute). This is the only way we can give you a one hundred percent guarantee of getting laid tonight, no strings attached!

  Tips for getting laid tonight
You may have gone out with your friends to the bar, in order to down some drinks and if you can, get a nice girl, in order to make you night more colorful.  It would be a waste of your hormones, which would be raging and longing to go and meet a woman, and jump on her at the first opportunity you get, if you happen to return empty handed. It may sound a wee bit obnoxious, but in order to get a good looking girl, you’d have to portray yourself as one of the top dudes, that is present in the bar. If you come across a guy who is as surprised as asking a girl out as he is about having sex with a girl, then you can be pretty sure that girls will be avoiding him, whether he is at a strip club or at a bar; the two most easiest place to score girls. In fact, if you’re hoping to get laid tonight, it would be very good for you if it should maintain a firm composure, and let your body language to do the talking.
When you know for a fact that you aren’t shy, and you are a decent looking fellow, you should always get women, who would be ready to go to your place. As a matter of fact, nowadays, it takes more than just your good looks in order to get laid. There is actually a very huge difference between having a one night stand, which could be had with a totally random person, and actually finding a girl with whom you can actually spend the rest of your life with, and feel compatible. Try and remember a few things that is going to help you get laid tonight
1.         Maintain your composure:- always try and remember that you are the person in control, and never let her dominate you in this meet and greet session. This is actually just a test by the woman, who is actually going to examine you, if you  are dominating, or can handle her responsibility or not. Many a times you would actually heard woman who would prefer sensitive partners, but all woman actually prefer partners who are dominating. In order to find a woman to get laid, you would have to display that macho instinct, and all would be fine.
2.         Always take responsibility:- it is a very common complaint by women, who always accuse men of not being responsible for their actions. In order for you to actually score with a girl, you must always take responsibility for your actions as well as hers. Getting laid tonight would never be a problem for you, if you happen to keep this posture of responsibility with you at all times. You should always reassure a woman that each and every thing that she does is because of you, and that she is engrossed in you.
Such methods are foolproof, and you would never have to worry about getting laid tonight, as you would always have woman swooning for you.

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